EDucation and GEnder Project

Studies on gender equality identify the gender-specific differences in education and upbringing. National and international organisations are looking for ways to further enhance gender-specific education. EDGE: Education & Gender focuses on the realisation of this goal!

The curriculum, developed during the EDGE project, will be offered in several modules that can be used to realise social science curricula and other educational programmes : vacances scolaires. This website provides you with theoretical and relevant practical material.

The 13 project partners from 12 European countries hope to increase your understanding of gender based issues and inspire you to engage actively with your students. Good luck and have fun!


EDucation and GEnder in European Countries

Gender-fair education in Austria
Renate Seebauer, Johann Göttel: Austria, Europahaus Burgenland
BE Gender: A never ending story
Luk Bosman: Belgium, vzw Leer-kracht Antwerpen

The past, the present and the future situation of gender specific education in the Czech Republic
Otakar Fleischmann: Czech Republic, Univerzita Jana Evangelisty Purkyně v Ústí nad Labem

Gender mainstreaming in Germany
Bernd Drägestein1, Olaf Schwarze2: Germany,1mannigfaltig-Institut für Jungen- und Männerarbeit, 2 Münchner Waisenhaus

Gender research in Estonia against the background of traditional education
Meeli Väljaots: Estland, Tartu Ülikool

Education for gender equity in Spain, a socio-cultural and historical analysis
Víctor Pérez-Samaniego1, Carmen Santamaría-García: Spain, 1Universitat de València,2Universidad de Alcalá
Gender-equitable education and training in Hungary
Erika Grossmann: Hungary, Szegedi Tudományegyetem Juhász Gyula

Girls ignite education
Kristof De Witte1, Ferry Haan2: The Netherlands: 1Universiteit Maastricht, 2Universiteit van Amsterdam

“Gender equality is no longer the big issue"
Herbert Zoglowek: Norway, Høgskolen i Finnmark

From history to the present – faces of gender in Poland
Małgorzata Jarecka-Żyluk, Justyna Ratkowska-Pasikowska: Poland, Akademia Pomorska w Słupsku

Gender and education in Turkey
Nesrin Oruç: Turkey, İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi

„Upsetting the apple cart: Overachieving girls, underachieving boys"
Fiona Shelton: United Kongdom, University of Derby


The Curriculum 'Gender & Education‘ consists of 5 Modules.
Each module covers about 90 hours, which represents the equivalent of 3 ECTS.
The curriculum can also be used in a modular manner.
In total students can be granted for 15 ECTS-Points.


EDucation and GEnder in European Countries

ECTS Fiche

Gender & Identity

ECTS Fiche
Download PDF:
Part1 Social costruction of Gender;
Part 2 On the body concepts of young people in six European countries: Self-perception – perceptions of others – ideals of beauty “;
Part 3 Visualisation” of men and women/girls and boys in European textbooks used for teaching foreign languages – Results of some textbook analyze;
Part 4 Teenage Language Communication and Identity;
Best Practice 1 Communication
Best Practice 2 Gender and Gender Stereotypes

Gender & Sexuality

ECTS Fiche
Download PDF:
Part1 The current situation concerning relational and sexual education in Spain, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, Poland and Czech Republic;
Part 2 Gender and Sexual Health;
Part 3 Gender and Sexual Socialisation;
Part 4 Gender and Initimate Relationships
Part 5 Schools and Gender, Sexual Upbringing and Sexual Education
Best Practice 1 Sexual Rights
Best Practice 2 Physical Cahnges during Puberty

Gender & Interculturality

ECTS Fiche
Download PDF:
Part 1 Gender-specific and intercultural pedagogic aspects in different countries – analysis of National Curriculum in Belgium, Estonia, Hungary,Turkey and Czech Republic;
Part 2 How Interculturality is presented in History Course Books in Belgium, Estonia, Hungary and Turkey: An Analysis of 8 th Grade History Course Books;
Part 3 Teacher trainees – do they manifest an “intercultural attitude”?;
Part 4 The feminization of schooling: Is primary education really a woman’s world?
Best Practice 1 Visitors’ game (guessing where “visitors” come from)
Best Practice 2 Interculturality - equality and diversity of ethnic groups and cultures

Gender & Lifestyle

ECTS Fiche
Download PDF:
Part 1 Emotional Wellbeing, GEnder and Young People;
Part 2 Possibilities of selfawareness and gender identity development in Frisluftliv;
Part 3 On the Way to adulthood - From school to career world;
Part 4 Gender, Lifestyle and Social Networks
Best Practice 1 Emotional Wellbeing
Best Practice 2 Outdoor Activities


EDucation & GEnder

Vorschlag zur Implementierung in der Landessprache
Suggestion of Implementation in Local Language
Aanvraag voor de implemenering

AT Austria
BE Belgium
CZ Czech Republik
DE Germany
EE Estonia
ES Spain
HU Hungary
NL Netherlands
NO Norway
PL Poland
TR Turkey
UK United Kingdom

Best Practice

Collection of Worksheets for the Modules

Gender & Identity
• Communication
• Gender and Genderstereotypes

Gender & Sexuality
• Sexual Rights
• Physical Changes during Puberty

Gender & Interculturality
• Visitors’s Game (guessing wehre ‘visitors’ come from)
• Interculturality - Equality and Diversity of Ethnic Groups and Cultures

Gender & Lifestyle
• Emotional Wellbeing
• Outdoor Activities

Best Practice: Additional activities and guidelines from previous projects (aimed at boys aged 6 to 11).

Body and Health
Healthy Diet (A Healthy Diet in Europe , Bart Hempen)

Masculine/Feminine boys (Masculine Boys – Feminine Boys, Oliver Holz)

Holiday (Holiday decisions - Gender identity in interaction, Carmen Santamaría-García)

Aggressions - Assertiveness (Assertiveness: HOW DO I FEEL WHEN …, Bernd Drägestein)

Conduct Disorder
Smelly Feet (Smelly Feet ! Fiona Shelton)

Culture and Society
Sex Stereotypes (Who is superior? Sex stereotypes as category of culture, Ewa Bilińska-Suchanek)

PG : Practical Guidance: Background and keywords, Similar topics, Material, Duration, Number of participants, Age, Aims, (Short) Explanation, Guidance for the game or exercise, Variations, Experiences
TB : Theoretical Background
WS : Worksheets