“Gender equality is no longer the big issue ...”
Gender specific education in Norway

Herbert Zoglowek, University College Finnmark, Norway

The overall picture of “gender equality in Norway” is rather inconsistent and ambigu­ous. On the one hand, Norway considers itself – and is also usually seen as such – as a virtual forerunner and exemplary on the front of “gender equality” (kjønns likestill­ing), although completely different arising imbalances come into the picture. On the other hand there are still examples and complaints that the statutory equality is not being implemented or has not been achieved in many areas.

In the same way that gender equality is not a big public issue (anymore), it is considered rather casually in schools. As a general constant principle of education, gender equality contributes to the personality and identity development, all according to its importance opposite of gender education, but gender equality nowadays is rather seldom mentioned in any lesson plan. Does that mean that Norway is still a forerunner or does it find itself rather on a sidetrack?

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