The past, the present and the future situation of gender specific education in the Czech Republic

 Otakar Fleischmann, University of Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic

This paper shows the main changes in education in the Czech Republic after 1989and describes in the context of gender issues the current state and trends of education in the Czech Republic. In a historical overview of the developmental stages regarding the educational policy, in particularly the possibilities and limitations of the education of girls and women are taken into account.This historical analysis is followed by an illustration of the current situation in the Czech educational system. This paper refers to gender-specific tasks and objectives and emphasizes the so-called “gender-sensitive education”.

 This paper also addresses the differences between girls and boys in the school en­vironment and discusses the question of whether gender-separate classes (again) are desirable. Here the advantages and disadvantages will be juxtaposed.

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