EDGE Conference 2014

EDGE – International Conference on EDucation and Gender, 16.-17. May 2014, IZMIR, Turkey
All conference contributions are published in the book:

Gender and Education from Different Angles
Malgorzata Jarecka-Zyluk and Oliver Holz (Eds.)

Reihe: Gender-Diskussion, Bd. 22, 2014, 280 S. (ISBN 978-3-643-90519-2)

“Education and Gender from Different Angles is a collection of scientific and practice orientated papers. All contributions can be acknowledged from four different angles: gender and teachers; teaching approaches; labour market outcomes; and sexual education.
The book additionally describes the European project EDGE: Education and Gender. A key aspect of the project was testing curriculum material, developed by the EDGE group, to be used in single and co-educative class groups to find the effects of single-sex education on motivation. The results of this randomized experiment in secondary education forms an additional part of this book.”


 In place of a foreword…
Prof. Dr. Oğuz Esen

 Men and Women Like to Dance…
Maria Aleksandrovich (Poland)

Izmir University Model for Educating Students on Women-Related Issues:
Nazife Aydinoglu and Ahu Güzel (Turkey)

Gender in Education and Social Gender Relations:
Yurdagül Arikan (Turkey)

The Sex as a Differentiating Factor in the Type of Student’s Resistance to School:
Ewa Bilinska-Suchanek (Poland)

Enriching Excellent Boys and Girls in The Netherlands:
Adam Booij, Frederik Haan and Erik Plug (Netherlands)

Student Biases for Male Professors in Student Evaluations of Teachers: What Consequences for Female Professors?
Anne Boring (France)

Explaining Gender Differentials in the Employment of Engineering Graduates in India:
Pradeep Kumar Choudhury (India)

Prospective Teachers’ Perceptions of Professional Identity: The Role of Gender and Department:
Banu Çulha Özbas and Berna Güryay (Turkey)

The Effect of Single-Sex Education on Motivation. Evidence of a Randomized Experiment in Secondary Education:
Kristof De Witte and Oliver Holz (Netherlands, Belgium)

Gender is around us:
Malgorzata Jarecka-Zyluk (Poland)

Improving Teacher Candidates’ Problem -Solving Skill:
Judit Orgoványi-Gajdos (Hungary)

The Influence of Maternal Employment on Children’s Long Run Achievement. Case of Izmir:
Idil Göksel (Turkey)

Mobile Phones and Gender. Chances and Challenges in Education around the World:
Margarete Grimus (Austria)

The Social Situation of Lgbt People in Polish Schools and the Educational System:
Grzegorz Piekarski (Poland) 

Parents’ and Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Child Sexual Behaviour
Justyna Ratkowska-Pasikowska (Poland)

Evaluative, Self-Discursive Construction of Gender Limitations by Women:
Carmen Santamaría-García (Spain)

Education and Gender Reflecting: On the Edge:
Fiona Shelton and Oliver Holz (England, Belgium)

Emancipation- Desire or Necessity? The Social Role of Women in the Sudetenland during 30´s and during the Ww2:
Lucie Velková and Otakar Fleischmann (Czech Republic)

Friluftsliv, Nature and Teaching Methods – A Model for Gender Education:
Herbert Zoglowek (Norway/Poland)

EDGE Symposium IZMIR 2014