Best Practice

Best Practice  Lessonplans

Collection of Worksheets for the Modules

Gender & Identity
•    Communication
•    Gender and Genderstereotypes

Gender & Sexuality
•    Sexual Rights
•    Physical Changes during Puberty

Gender & Interculturality
•   Visitors's Game (guessing wehre 'visitors' come from)
•    Interculturality - Equality and Diversity of Ethnic Groups and Cultures 
Gender & Lifestyle
•    Emotional Wellbeing
•    Outdoor Activities

   Best Practice: Additional  activities and guidelines from previous projects (aimed at boys aged 6 to 11). 

  • Identity
    Holiday  (Holiday decisions - Gender identity in interaction, Carmen Santamaría-García
    PG   TB 
  • Culture and Society
    Sex Stereotypes  (Who is superior?  Sex stereotypes as category of culture, Ewa Bilińska-Suchanek)
    PG   TB    WS 

 PG    Practical Guidance: Background and keywords, Similar topics, Material, Duration, Number of participants, Age, Aims, (Short) Explanation, Guidance for the game or exercise, Variations, Experiences
TB Theoretical Background
WS Worksheets