EDucation and GEnder in European Countries

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Gender & Identity

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Part1 Social costruction of Gender;
Part 2 On the body concepts of young people in six European countries: Self-perception – perceptions of others – ideals of beauty “;

Part 3 Visualisation” of men and women/girls and boys in European textbooks used for teaching foreign languages – Results of some textbook analyze;

Part 4 Teenage Language Communication and Identity;
Best Practice 1  Communication
Best Practice 2  Gender and Gender Stereotypes

 Gender & Sexuality

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Part1 The current situation concerning relational and sexual education in Spain, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, Poland and Czech Republic; 
Part 2  Gender and Sexual Health;
Part 3 Gender and Sexual Socialisation;
Part 4 Gender and Initimate Relationships  
Part 5 Schools and Gender, Sexual Upbringing and Sexual Education
Best Practice 1 Sexual Rights
Best Practice 2  Physical Cahnges during Puberty

Gender & Interculturality

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Part 1 Gender-specific and intercultural pedagogic aspects in different countries – analysis of National Curriculum in Belgium, Estonia, Hungary,Turkey and Czech Republic; 
Part 2 How Interculturality is presented in History Course Books in Belgium, Estonia, Hungary and Turkey: An Analysis of 8 th Grade History Course Books; 
Part 3 Teacher trainees – do they manifest an “intercultural attitude”?;
Part 4 The feminization of schooling: Is primary education really a woman’s world?
Best Practice 1  Visitors’ game (guessing where “visitors” come from)
Best Practice 2  Interculturality - equality and diversity of ethnic groups and cultures

Gender & Lifestyle 

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Part 1 Emotional Wellbeing, GEnder and Young People; 
Part 2  Possibilities of selfawareness and gender identity development in Frisluftliv;
Part 3 On the Way to adulthood - From school to career world;
Part 4 Gender, Lifestyle and Social Networks

Best Practice 1  Emotional Wellbeing
Best Practice 2  Outdoor Activities